F.U.G.I International is the premier international consulting agency on foreign exchange and commodity markets from Singapore and Indonesia. The company has founded young generations with great experiences.

As financial analysts at F.U.G.I International, we are proud to be one of the first people in financial markets with potential career prospects. Updated and solid financial knowledge and analytical skill trainings are continuously provided to all staffs in response to specific situations and advancement. It is very fantastic to get exposed to real financial trading and to learn how fundamental and technical analyses can help forecast future movements of markets. On the other hand, overcoming barriers of unawareness can be an obstacle for a career in this field but more and more people start to understand about the investment and see opportunities to make money.

Over the years, experiences in the realm of financial markets grant us a wonderful life change with the new career as a financial analyst at F.U.G.I International. We will maintain our quality and grow our capacity for the future. First step on something requires strong commitment and clear vision to succeed.